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The Chelsea Hotel – An iconic landmark – restored reinvented and veiled in mystery by Laura Wagner

In 1978 when punk-rocker Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols was residing at the Chelsea Hotel; his girlfriend Nancy Spungen was stabbed to death. Vicious was arrested but died of a heroin overdose days before the case was brought to trial. The murder remains shrouded in mystery while the hotel reeks with other haunted tales […]

Lou Reed

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts presents Lou Reed: Caught Between the Twisted Stars, the first large-scale exhibition from Reed’s archive which the Library acquired in 2017. The exhibition displays the life and work of the icon whose profound influence—musically, visually, and culturally—still affects a range of artists and writers today. The exhibition […]

A Path to India – posters for the ages by Laura Wagner

When the Beatles visited Rishikesh India in 1968 to take part in a transcendental meditation with the Maharishi; it was as if the world joined in. We were instantly transformed from one dimensional thinkers, to a collective group of meditating spiritualists. The movement to stop and contemplate your life, your future and the part that […]


Bezos Earth Fund

by Matthew Asinari di San Marzano Humanity has made incredible progress in the last 50 years. Global poverty has fallen significantly. Life expectancy has risen worldwide. But the environmental and social price we’ve paid is far too high. Climate change is threatening our existence. Nature’s destruction is undermining the ecosystems we need to survive. It’s […]

An Icon is Reborn

Sarasota is a true jewel in Florida. The city has long attracted residents and visitors from the rest of the world thanks to its pristine beaches, diverse cultural offerings, world-class golf courses, outdoor activities and sunny weather throughout the year. Sarasota is today a trendy destination, endlessly generating new energy and attracting new residents of […]

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