A Path to India – posters for the ages by Laura Wagner

When the Beatles visited Rishikesh India in 1968 to take part in a transcendental meditation with the Maharishi; it was as if the world joined in. We were instantly transformed from one dimensional thinkers, to a collective group of meditating spiritualists. The movement to stop and contemplate your life, your future and the part that we contribute, became a universal mantra, and one that required concentration on anything/everything, other than yourself.

In essence, the Beatles converted a world of self- serving egoists while morphing us into a group of concerned humans. It was the light that was needed at that moment in time, and one that is needed even more in today’s fractured universe.

I recently watched a special on NY1, where the newly opened Poster House previewed a wide range of poster art. Much of it from the 1920s art-deco advertisements, for brands made familiar to us by companies such as Campari liquor, displayed alongside a campaign begun by Air India in the 1970s, intended to seduce potential travelers.

For me, it was the impetus to rush to Chelsea and view this collection.  It did not disappoint. In fact, much of the show was dedicated to the artistic contributions from the Air India public relations team, in the form of a wide variety of clever and artistic ads – “Air-India’s Maharaja: Advertising Gone Rogue” on view till Feb. 12, 2023.

My suggestion is that in between your meditations, and before you begin your daily rituals dedicated to life improvement, you view this compelling show.

Poster House @ 119 W 23rd Street, open Thurs – Sunday from 10am – 6pm

‘Air-India’s Maharaja: Advertising Gone Rogue’ on view till February 12, 2023.

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