Hall de Lumieres by Laura Wagner

Hall des Lumieres – Gold in Motion

Music is a universal language. When music is combined with art itbrings life to its highest level.In today’s world it is imperative to indulge oneself in a moment of pure pleasure. When it includes being transportedback in time, and fast forwarded into the digital world, the experience becomes heightened.This psychedelic-like encounter allows the pleasure without the after effects of the substance.

Accompanied by an original soundtrack, visual images created by the magic of Gustav Klimt at Halls des Lumieres, is a show to behold. Allotting a small segment of the day to cleanse the soul, this multi-sensory feast will accomplish its goal.

Created by the ingenious culture space’s artistic director Gianfranco Iannuzzi along with Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi, the digital installation features animated 30 foot images from Klimt’s most renowned paintings synchronized to an original score.  In conjunction with the show,is a tribute to Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist and architect who incorporated elements of surrealism and ornamentation in his work. The similarities of their work, leaves you imagining life in the Secessionist era of Vienna. The erotic imagery of both and the disparate conflicts of their subjects informs a time in European art when all could be longed for and openly enjoyed. Sexual taboos and political bans appear absent from the art.

‘The Kiss’ was and still is one of Klimt’s most iconic artistic images. Its patchwork metallic of two lovers embracing, conjures the essence of life and love.  It ignites the sensations of this couple kneeling in rapture. The imagery the emotion the exquisite use of gold encrusted leaf, all combine to make it one of Art Nouveau’s preeminent pieces. Klimt was a master at expressing art in the most reverent form of seduction, while layering his canvases with gold and interjectinga scent of lust. His is a very rare and highly imaginative artistic accomplishment.

The formerEmigrant Industrial Bank on Chambers Street in downtown Manhattanhas been brought back to life. Gianfranco Iannuzzi, the creative director has reinvented and repurposed this majestic Beaux Arts building and created Hall des Lumieres, now New York’s permanent digital arts center. The viewer is invited to celebrate the iconic work of Gustav Klimt in the first immersive exhibition.The columns remain stoic and strong, the stained glass windows intact and the general floor plan, unchanged, including bank teller booths. Reminiscent of the setting of the Van Gogh show at Pier 36 in 2017, the walls floors and ceiling becomes one with the art.  Moving screens roll over and across the main auditorium reflecting light and illusion surrounding and encompassing you. A feast for the eyes the senses and the spirit.

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