Bezos Earth Fund

by Matthew Asinari di San Marzano

Humanity has made incredible progress in the last 50 years.
Global poverty has fallen significantly. Life expectancy has risen worldwide.
But the environmental and social price we’ve paid is far too high.
Climate change is threatening our existence.
Nature’s destruction is undermining the ecosystems we need to survive.
It’s been called ‘Code Red’ for humanity. And there are no silver bullets.

But we don’t place blame. We believe there’s a better way. We believe this is the Decisive Decade.

The key global insight is that slow change will bring no significant change.

We believe that “system-wide” change is needed to lead us to the future we all want.
System-wide policies, better corporate behavior, re-energized citizens, new technologies, inspired coalitions, and new ways of thinking can improve our Earth, without impeding progress.

Our Vision for Earth

We see a world where smart action on climate change, nature and environmental justice will stop bad things from happening and redirect us on a path for good: healthier citizens, more jobs, an efficient economy and the end of injustice.

We believe that in the next ten years, we can shift from nature-destroying to nature-nurturing.

Our Mission for Earth

Our mission is to bring together great minds and huge hearts. The best of the best thinkers and innovators, researchers and scientists; people from everywhere, every stage and every walk of life. A brilliant constellation of humanity connecting as one for climate, nature, and environmental justice.

We have thus envisioned, together with the Bezos Earth Fund team, our internal mantra:

Earth for People for Earth.

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