In praise of modularity

As an Architect trained in Italy I consider Architecture and Interior design not to be two separate disciplines but, at different scale, two complementary fundamentals of the design process. I also strongly believe that true creativity defies the logic of the thinking process and challenges its rationality.

Modularity allows for flexibility and seriality since visual complexity is derived from rational simplicity. The grid is the framework where the different components can freely interact in many intriguing composition possibilities.

The rhythm between structural columns and beams becomes the musical score in which different elements can take form and expression. Modular elements can be connected or disconnected to create spaces that are able to expand or contract without a massive reconfiguration.

Space compositions can easily take different shapes according to evolving programs or special events. Modular choices invite zen clarity and complement creativity and chaotic interaction.

“With such system you could create forms that you wouldn’t normally imagine” Sol Lewitt

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