Contemporary Art in Carbonized Bamboo

Hakama is an American multimedia artist currently based in Kyoto, Japan. An intuitive and ceaseless explorer, Hakama’s creative pursuits have long been intertwined with a spirited life path.

Undoubtedly influenced by the cultures and environments of the diverse locations he has called home over the years (India, Indonesia, Australia,Hawaii, Japan) Hakama has pushed his artistic explorations into new territory time and time again. Earlier works in his catalog include paintings, lithograph, silk screen,monoprints luggage/accessores, textiles as well as furniture design, and sculpture. His works have received critical acclaim and have been acquired by private collections globally.

Hakama’s most recent works in bamboo charcoal are sculptural abstractions with an emphasis on materiality- the Minimalist results of a complex and meticulous process. These works were first exhibited alongside Hakama’s paper collages and paintings at Ginza’s Medel Gallery in Tokyo Japan in 2018 and more recently at the Yokaan Gallery in Kyoto and the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Art in Carbonized Bamboo

  1. Sidd Murray-Clark says:

    A master of bamboo painting once told his student he must learn to live in the bamboo groves before painting them. only then will he catch the spirit of this unique plant.

    Hakama has been living and working with bamboo charcoal in this way that his work now gives us a whole new take and creative expression on its primordial significance.

    The nuances of his charcoal creations talk to us of the mystery throbbing in nothingness.

  2. Laura Wagner says:

    the comment regarding ‘living in bamboo groves before painting them’ can apply to most art forms. In order to convey an artists message accurately, it’s imperative to immerse oneself in their mind. And in the case of ‘bamboo groves’ – the ability to transcend a location.

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