Magazzino Italian Art by Laura Wagner

Magazzino Italian Art – the unveiling of the Robert Olnick Pavillion

If surveys were to be taken, many would agree that the person most responsible for shaping their lives, would be a parent. And for some of us lucky enough, the gratitude would be equally shared, by both.

When I met Nancy Olnick last Fall, and we chatted briefly, it was evident to me that her focus on art, and commitment to developing the newly coveted home for her and her husband Giorgio Spanu’s collection, at Magazzino Italian Art, was nothing short of a joint endeavor, as well as a passion shared. It wasn’t until we spent more time together, that I learned of her devotion to keeping the memory of her father alive. He was an integral and impressive figure in her life. When she spoke of her reverence for him, it felt as if a light emanated. For certain children of powerful and highly respected people, their memory becomes a reflection of lives well lived.

No better tribute could be bestowed than the creation of the newly opened Robert Olnick Pavilion in memory of her late father. For those who have not made the trip to Magazzino Italian Art in Cold Spring, New York; the addition of this pavilion will make the visit even more worthwhile.

Photo by Javier Callejas

3 thoughts on “Magazzino Italian Art by Laura Wagner

  1. Vivian Eyre says:

    Gorgeous! I love the combination of the industrial designed pavilion and the sculptures’ bodies, shape, texture.
    To all fathers who stand in our hearts’ window in light from above.

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