Our belief in minimizing our habitat footprint and maximizing our sustainability solutions is embodied by a office tower we designed near Verona, Italy.
The design is based on sustainability and energy efficiency.
The North elevation is glazed and faces the city of Verona, while the South is covered in photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and, at the same time, protecting the façade from the sun.
The massing is composed by two separate elements, slightly moved from each other, to enhance the lightness of the vertical structure. The northern curtain wall tilts at he base to allow for the creation of a protected ”piazza” as a contemporary rendition of a typical northern Italian arcade.

DESIGN: Adjmi & Andreoli
TEAM: Ludmilla Cohen, Claudio Delmonte, Garret Gurlay, Jihoon Kim, Rossana Russo Pavone, Jess Walker
RENDERINGS: Ludmilla Cohen, Jihoon Kim