Conceived by David Salle and Aldo Andreoli this project is the result of a commission from Revolution Precrafted, a company founded by creative entrepreneur Robbie Antonio.
The project consists in creating a house and studio complex for an artist (David Salle) and his family that could be easily installed on a site in the West Texas high desert.
The views are relatively un-obstructed, and the house is designed to bring as much of the view inside as possible. The structure is intended to support a life both active and contemplative: reading, writing, painting, outdoor activities, socializing all have designated area.
In addition, we wanted to dedicate entire exterior walls to the “function” of pure image: images drawn from a “palette” of painting fragments can be digitally printed on the metal cladding of the two solid end walls, creating startling imagistic interventions in the otherwise predominantly horizontal landscape. The house is an image in the landscape; an image inside of an image, like a small painting inset into a larger one. The Billboard House is a modest sized dwelling with an expansive, outward directed sense of place.
This project later evolved in the creation of a system for producing multiple houses based on this original concept, incorporating the work of several additional artists.
We also developed positioning, naming, branding message for this product, to help capture a new way of living and working.

DESIGN: David Salle and Aldo Andreoli
TEAM: Claudio Delmonte, Enrico Gessaroli, Maurizio Marchiori, Carlo Turati
FINE ART: John Baldessari, Francesco Clemente, Eric Fischl, Alex Katz, Barbara Kruger, David Salle