This design has been inspired by the work of artist Lucio Fontana and his “Spatialism” concept.
Our fundamental drive to elevate and transform our experiences has led us to create a building inspired by its neighborhood, defined by the energy of contrast and the subtlety of nuance.
A project designed by Aldo Andreoli, located in New York Lower East Side, a surging cultural hub, alive with constant growth; an historic downtown neighborhood, reborn countless times in its nearly four hundred years history. Sought by tourists, defined by locals, the Lower East Side has established the cultural zeitgeist of downtown for decades. Contrasts define the Lower East Side, from the expanding skyline to the constantly evolving characters and corners of everyday life. Here, history and dreams collide: brick stalwarts from the area’s tenement past abut gleaming testaments to the future on every block.
This building consists of 28 units for a total area of 29,000 sq/ft.
The facade, cladded in black aluminum material, is cut with a strong transversal line, revealing a second layer, covered with dark bricks.
This gesture interrupts the symmetry of the facade and creates a relation with the fire escapes of the tenements buildings nearby. Raising from the downtown streets, a slash of steel points skyward.
At the intersection of cacophony and harmony, streets and sky, 287 East Houston unites intelligent design with modern craftsmanship. Intimate and efficient residential layouts with immaculate and adaptable details.
The design of the rear of the building incorporates two maisonette units, townhouse-style.

DESIGN: Aldo Andreoli
AOR: Jeffrey Cole Architects
TEAM: Edoardo Coticoni, Paola Crosa di Vergagni, Claudio Delmonte, Matias Estrany, Enrico Gessaroli, Diego Pabon, Merve Poyraz, Caitlin Ryder, Peter Turba, Vanessa Valerio
DEVELOPER: Hogg Holdings and Vinci Partners
PHOTO CREDITS: Exterior and Lobby: Alexander Severin
Interior: Robert Granoff
RENDERINGS: Familiar Control
BROCHURE: Open Projects
R.E. COMPANY: Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group