Red Hook Waterfront Masterplan

The area in question is zoned commercial and lacks public transportation.
This concept was based on a re-zoning into mixed-use, transportation from Manhattan by Ferry service and massive landscaping around the waterfront where the Hudson and the East river meet to join the Ocean.
The views of The Statue of Liberty, Governors and Ellis Island, ant the downtown Manhattan skyline are breathtaking.
The Masterplan consisted of approximately 584,000 sq/ft of land along the waterfront of New York Harbor.
The intent was to regenerate the existing buildings and build new structures to realize a creative campus of tech companies, restaurants, cafe’s, a hotel and residential loft components.
The proposed landscape work included a beach, floating wetlands, sunken gardens and tunnels, green roofs and planted pipe fields.

DESIGN: Aldo Andreoli
AOR: Adjmi-Andreoli
TEAM: Edoardo Coticoni, Claudio Delmonte, Matias Estrany, Enrico Gessaroli, Tyler Jorgenson, Gisela Lopez, Diego Pabon, Merve Poyraz, Caitlin Ryder, Carlo Turati, Peter Turba, Vanessa Valerio