We love to discover artistry that is hidden in already existing structures. We love to unlock it. We love to celebrate it.
The original New York Dock Company building used to house all goods that were shipped into NYC before being distributed throughout the country.
This project involved the conversion of these amazing warehouse spaces into quintessential NYC loft style apartments, as well as ground and second floor art studios, offices and cafes.
Each residential unit retained the buildings original concrete structural expression via exposed ceilings and columns, introducing new full height steel windows and a center kitchen/bath structure.
We wanted, first of all, to keep as much as possible; the purity of the existing concrete structure, incorporating at the same time the best new technologies available for energy efficiency and design quality.
The New York Dock building was built at the dawn of reinforced concrete’s invention. Everything was beautifully engineered and designed. The rebars are oversized and the forms were perfectly constructed as we can see in the texture of the columns and beams structure. During he course of the project we made sure not to hide these details, respecting the original structural grid as much as possible and exposing the existing details in key locations of theapartments. We decided to create five new cores incorporating exit stairs and elevators in order to eliminate the need for long corridors and allowing, for most of the apartments, the possibility of enjoying views of Manhattan from the livingrooms and views of Brooklyn from the bedrooms, all at the same time.

DESIGN: Aldo Andreoli
AOR: Jeffrey Cole Architects
TEAM: Michael Zweck Bronner, Sergey Chudin, Claudio Delmonte, Rosario D’Urso, Matias Estrany, Enrico Gessaroli, Caitlin Ryder, Peter Turba, Vanessa Valerio
RENDERINGS: Familiar Control, Peter Turba
PHOTO: Marco Ricca
R.E. COMPANY: Patty La Rocco, Douglas Elliman