Matthew Asinari

Matthew Asinari is the Co-Founder and Partner of Habitat to Art, where he leads client global branding strategies and communications.

Born Mattia Asinari di San Marzano in Italy and educated in the United States, Matthew has worked in global communications for more than thirty years. He brings his leadership and expertise to some of the top global brands in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Prior to co-founding H2A, Matthew was CEO of AAG/City Partner in New York and Beijing, as well as managing director of Anton & Partners, a luxury brand communications agency allied with the WPP Group. As a WPP global executive, at JWT/ Caviar Luxury Group he contributed to developing JWT’s new group specializing in world’s premium lifestyle marques, including Rolex and Estee Lauder.

Matthew has worked in the United States, Europe and Asia as Executive VP of WPP at Young & Rubicam Worldwide (New York HQ), at JWT Europe (London HQ) and as the CEO in Asia of Dentsu Young & Rubicam (Singapore HQ).

His expertise in developing global brands includes communications management for top lifestyle clients: Chanel USA/ Europe/Asia, Heineken Europe, Nike Asia, Sony Asia.

His work with global clients extends to premium automotive brands including Audi, Honda, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes. Working with his team partners, his spectrum encompasses fashion and lifestyle as well, with strategic leadership in media and communications for Chanel fragrances worldwide, LVMH Moet special projects in the USA and Illy USA heading the roster.

His international management of real estate and city brands extends to China’s newest and largest free trade zone in Tianjin and San Francisco’s Global:SF branding.

His innovation work includes film creations for the X Prize Foundation, company launch of Moon Express (a private space company sponsored by Google’s Lunar X Prize and NASA), the NASA’s sponsored Sunjammer Solar Sail test program and supporting and branding initiatives for the Conrad Foundation.

Matthew Asinari also brings his expertise as jury member at Global Design and Marketing Awards in Taiwan and at Milan International Design Awards.

Among current projects, Matthew is working with the Bezos Earth Fund, establishing the global brand identity messaging and website-based communications.


2021 – Supporting Partner of Global San Francisco New Economy Conference.

2011-2019 – Supporting advocate of Conrad Foundation innovation and education initiatives.

2010 – Featured Speaker at Ultra Future Conference, Hong Kong.

2008 – Featured Speaker at NASA’s International Space Development Conference, Washington DC.

2007 – Featured Speaker at Ultra Future Global Conference in Hong Kong.

2001-2007 – Global Judge and Speaker at International Excellence Awards, Design and Marketing, Taiwan.

2003 – Winner of Atticus Award Certificate: “Managing Countries as Global Brands” Strategic Study.

2002 – Global Judge, International Design Awards, Milan, Italy.

2001 – Executive V.P., Global Senior Partner, Young & Rubicam Global HQ’s New York.

2000 – Speaker at Fortune 500 CEO Worldwide Forum in Hong Kong.

2000 – Speaker at Global Marketing 2020 in New York and San Francisco.

1998 – Awarded Asia’s Agency of the Year, Dentsu Young & Rubicam Asia.

1996 – CEO of Dentsu Young & Rubicam Asia.

Matthew has earned a Master in International Marketing and Business at Columbia University, New York, and a B.S. in Communications at the School of Public Communications, Boston University.